Typing Games

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The Typing of the Red Shoes

Practice typing a whole story with this typing game. Instead of typing a random string of […]

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The Fir Tree

Type The Fir Tree to develop excellent typing skills.  You may not be able to grow […]

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The Real Princess

Does your typing speed leave a little to be desired?  Are you still hunting and pecking […]

The Typing of the Swineherd

Here is a quick and fun typing exercise!  Each level contains a passage from the re-telling […]

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The Typing of the Emperor’s New Clothes

Become a master typer when you practice typing a whole story.  The Emperor’s New Clothes is […]

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Asteroid Defense

It was just a normal day shooting asteroids in my spaceship, protecting the inhabitants of earth. […]

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Winter Typing

Since I love typing and since I love winter, I am going to recommend that you […]

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Letter Weather

Beat the weather with this fun typing game.  You will increase your accuracy as you type […]

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Bubble Typing

Peaceful bubbles will center you and clear your mind while you practice your typing skills with […]

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Cupid Typing 2

Cupid got tired of making people fall in love so he is helping make them better […]