Typing Games

Thumbnail image for Easter Bunnies Typing

Easter Bunnies Typing

Type the letters that appear under each bunny before it runs across the screen. As the […]

Thumbnail image for Typing Monster

Typing Monster

A ferocious monster has invaded your city, and the defenders cannot weather the furious attack for […]

Thumbnail image for Beaver Trouble Typing

Beaver Trouble Typing

Help Mom and Dad Beaver save their little baby in this fun typing game. Type the […]

Thumbnail image for Quickdraw: Way of the West

Quickdraw: Way of the West

Got the quickest fingers in the West? Put them to the ultimate test in this cowboy […]

Thumbnail image for Alphas Keep Falling

Alphas Keep Falling

The evil Alphas are trying to clutter up your pristine blank piece of paper, stop them […]

Thumbnail image for Gems Typing

Gems Typing

Gems will float to the top of the page and you, as the typing apprentice, must […]

Thumbnail image for Snow Typing

Snow Typing

Gentle snowflakes defy gravity and float upwards carrying one letter each in this typing game. All […]

Thumbnail image for City Sky Typing

City Sky Typing

City Sky Typing is a typing game that even I can play. I am a terrible […]

Thumbnail image for Reflex Keys

Reflex Keys

Develop faster typing reflexes and become one with your keyboard as you play this great typing […]

Thumbnail image for The Typing Of “Why Did We Spend 3 Hours?”

The Typing Of “Why Did We Spend 3 Hours?”

How fast can you type? See how good you are when you play this typing game. […]