Typing Games

Thumbnail image for Fast Typing

Fast Typing

A simple and easy way to get better at typing is top practice.  Here is a […]

Thumbnail image for Lightning Typing 3

Lightning Typing 3

Those pesky mice are back again and ready to tear down walls.  Can you type fast […]

Thumbnail image for Fruit Swordman Typing 2

Fruit Swordman Typing 2

Watch as each letter you types hacks and slashes at a piece of fruit.  Become a […]

Thumbnail image for NFL Typing 2

NFL Typing 2

If you enjoyed the first NFL typing game as much as I did, then you will […]

Thumbnail image for Earth Typing Defense

Earth Typing Defense

It is scientifically proven that lasers help people type better.  This game uses laser technology to […]

Thumbnail image for Flowers Typing

Flowers Typing

Here is an easy and fun typing game that will help you develop the typing skills […]

Thumbnail image for Sea Typing

Sea Typing

Dive under water and practice….typing! I bet you thought I was going to say “holding your […]

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Balloon Typing

Get both the thrill of popping balloons and the excitement of racing the clock in this […]

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Waterwords is a great way to practice your typing.  It is simple, relaxing, and most importantly […]

Thumbnail image for Fairy Magic

Fairy Magic

Did you know that you can help fairies become more and more magical?  When you play […]